Jacob Jones and Molly Mcclary "Bonnie and Clyde"

This is from our October 2010 shoot in New York City. Jacob and Molly were up from Nashville for a few days of shooting and we spent the evening working on a concept video for another of Jacob's songs eventually finding ourselves at Coney Island at sunrise. We took the opportunity to record this live performance.

Jacob is starting his "Tennessee vs Texas" winter tour today down in Austin with a performance at The Mohawk. The tour is with Austin's East Cameron Folkcore band who will be doing their own set as well as backing Jacob up for his.  The guys will be doing a run from Texas to Louisianna, then up through Memphis, Detroit and Chicago before heading home to Nashville.

You can find more info on the tour HERE.  For now, hope you enjoy this tune from our October shoot....

Jacob Jones "Bonnie and Clyde" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



Brittain Ashford "Song For You"

What better way to spend a sub freezing night in New York City than filming a live music performance on the waterfront. Apart from a ukulele that wouldn't stay in tune and one cold artist, I think things went as well as could be expected. The two guys staring at us while smoking cigarettes in the car with the windows rolled up, were kinda creepy, though. I think they were more staring at Brittain than Stuckey and BoB. We're looking forward to doing more with Brittain later this year, but for now, you can find more HERE. This is a good 'un. 

Brittain Ashford "Song For You" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



Support our Friends Movie

Our friend Jonathan Furmanski made a doc that has been in loads of film festivals and was named one of the Top-10 Undistributed Films of 2010 on He's now trying to raise a little cash to help his publicity efforts for his movie. You can donate to his movie The Weird World of Blowfly at the link below. Every little bit helps.

Here's the Trailer to the film.

The Weird World of Blowfly Trailer from Can Agaoglu on Vimeo.



Ben Lear "Lillian" Record Release

In honor of the release of Ben's Folk Opera album, Lillian, we're dusting off this previously unreleased live performance. It was shot July 20th in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. For anyone in New York City, the CD release show will be held December 11th, 2010 at the Church Of All Nations at 417 West 57th Street.  Twelve piece band and underwater visuals included with the price of admission.  More info later on where to pick up the new Lillian album.  

Ben Lear "Lillian" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



Rayland Baxter "Willie's Song"

We shot this live performance of Rayland Baxter's original tune "Willie's Song" on a discarded couch in the alley that time forgot behind Electric Western Records in Nashville.  Rayland wrote it about a good friend battling a drug addiction.  He's joined by The Kingston Springs made up of, James Guidry, Ian Ferguson, Matt DeMaio, Alex Geddes, who pitch in on some pretty remarkable harmonies.  The song is off Rayland's last EP Miscalculation Of Song.  He's had at work on a 2011 release due out in February.  More on that later.  Finally, I'd like to send out a special thanks to the custom car shop next door to Electric Western, and in particular their pitt bulls they let shit all over the yard where we shot.

Rayland Baxter "Willies Song" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.




As I mentioned in the last post, last week we were in Nashville getting the final shots for a concept video we're working on for Jacob Jones, and while there, we took time out to do a series of one-off's with Rayland Baxter. We met at Groove Records and the offices of Electric Western Records and set up shop on the front porch for this rendition of his original tune "Olivia". Ever the showman, Rayland brought along some friends, introduced to us as the "Kingston Springs Boys Choir". In fact, James Guidry, Ian Ferguson, Matt DeMaio, Alex Geddes make up Nashville rockers, The Kingston Springs. Boys Choir or not, they certainly added another dimension to Rayland's track. After doing some homework on the guys, I'm still left wondering where the hell those harmonies are coming from.

Rayland Baxter "Olivia" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



Jacob Jones "Always On The Run"

We spent some time in Nashville over Thanksgiving finishing up a shoot for Jacob's new album due out the first of the year.  I dug this up from our October 2010 shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Its another live track Jacob performed with Justin Smith and John Foti on this rendition of his original tune "Always On The Run".  On deck we have some new stuff from Rayland Baxter, also shot down in Nashville, that I'll be cutting loose later this week. 

JACOB JONES "Always On The Run" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.


JOHN FOTI "Everything'll Come Around"

This live performance is the last track from our September reshoot with John Foti. The footage from our original shoot was lost due to a failed hard drive. While unfortunate, the new footage turned out better with the reshoot. This track "Everything Will Come Around" is an older tune, not on any of John's albums. It was written when John was living in Lyndhurst, New Jersey on the Passaic River around 2004. We shot at Grand Army Plaza at the tip of Prospect Park out in Brooklyn. Thats the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch, Brooklyn’s version of the Arc de Triomphe in the background.
Thanks to Tim Bobareno and Dave Zulauf for helping with the production.

Stuckey & Murray new CD: A real discussion.

The following conversation took place in a real office the other day. Click on the album cover to the right and download  Stuckey & Murray Sing the Songs of Stuckey & Murray on iTunes. 



This was the show opener from Twain's November show at Union Hall in Brooklyn.  This track was hard to nail down, as its a new one not on any of their three records.  Mat finally got back to me with the title today. More from this show on the way.

TWAIN "Ashville Farm Remedy" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.