David Coiffier "Where are we going?"

Our friend David Coiffier finally finished his two year time lapse project "Where are we going?" this month.  I met David on a fall night about 1 am in Tmes Square shooting night time lapses for the piece.  David was over from France on vacation and taking advantage of the New York nightlife for the video.  To hear David tell it, he's an avid timelapse junkie and I'm sure you'll agree has become a mastered his craft shooting on lonely nights across the globe.


Julia Haltigan "All I Can Think Of Is You"

Sipping on a scotch tonight and running through some of last year's footage, I came across this unreleased track from Julia Haltigan's show at Le Poisson Rouge.  It was a great show and venue.  Julia's been busy with a new album, My Green Heart on the way, and being voted Artist of the Month from The Deli Magazine.  Cheers to you Julia.


Dear Mandela

Our good friends Dara Kell and Chris Nizza have finally unveiled their feature documentary Dear Mandela.  The Sundance Institue grant receipient tells the story of three "'young lions' of South Africa who rise from their shacks to take their government to the highest court in the land, putting the promises of democracy to the test".  Dear Mandela premiered in South Africa last month winning the 'Best South African Documentary' at the Durban International Film Festival.  Stay tuned for dates it will be showing stateside later this year.


Philip Gibbs "Petroleum Age"

 So, after sitting on this track for almost a year, Philip has finally released his latest album Petroleum Age and we've decided to cut this video loose in its honor. Shot in Prospect Park summer 2010, its for the title track off the new album. Justin "the giant fiddler" Smith, of Defibulator fame sat in for this rendition.  Philip is touring in support of the album all summer.  Upcoming shows in TX, NM, CO and Utah can be found HERE.  The album is a great follow up to Paper Crosses, and I hope you'll check it out. 


Stuckey and Murray "Internet Feedback"

Saturday night we caught Stuckey and Murray's set at Mercury Lounge focusing mainly on stills, but shot this doozy that closed the set.  As Murray explains, "Internet Feedback" is a song comprised entirely of comments from previous web videos from the duo.  Absolutely unreal.  Their latest album is available HERE.


Driving > Disco > Driving

I took some time last week and did a fine cut and color pass on Driving > Disco > Driving from Widespread Panic's April 15th show at the BJCC.  We were so pressed for time delivering the shows, the decision came down for us to blow off a fine cut and color pass, and I wanted to see basically what could have been.  I'm not sure your average user could tell a massive difference, but I wish I had pushed for that extra day to dial thing in.


Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun "Single-Hearted"

Another stellar entry from our Indy friends MonkeyEatsMonkey.  Derik and Christina stumbled on this show out on the town at The Melody Inn and couldn't help themselves but to start shooting.  The Atlanta based quartet has been on the road non-stop for nearly 2 years so chances are, if you keep an ear to the ground, you can catch a show.  I'll be dialing them in in NYC soon.  You can find tour dates and more information HERE.



This is a concept video we shot for NYC based BELT back in April. It was conceived and directed by our good friend Patrick Shaw. We shot the video on a Sunday afternoon out in Jersey attempting 13 takes. We settled on number 7.

Thanks to everyone involved and the band for letting us be a part of their new album.



Show closer from his April 15th set at the BJCC, Birmingham AL. Charile and company opened up the night for what was to be Widespread Panic's return to Oak Mountain following an 8 year hiatus. Tornado's forced the move to downtown Birmingham but certainly didn't dampen the evening. The entire show was shot for release as digital downloads and DVD from Live Jam HD.  You can find those HERE.  


ANDY D. "Angels on the dance floor"


"Andy D...  He's a viking on a unicorn airbrushed on a trapper keeper.  He's everything that was presented as "cool" to 12 year-olds in the mid to late eighties, all grown up.  He helped the Ninja Turtles banish Krang back to Dimension X, then traveled through time with Doc Brown.  When somebody told Andy D that the princess was in another castle, he brought down the whole mushroom kingdom!  Then he wrote a song about it, and got Molly Ringwald to breakdance on stage with him.  Okay, I made that last part up.  But he's awesome.  For real."