THE WOES "The Secret"

Ok, here's the first video from Saturday's Brooklyn Bowl Show, April 10th, featuring Quintus, The Woes, and The Defibulators.  I've had a great time this week editing this stuff.  Thanks to John Wells at Cabin Creek in North Carolina for mastering these tracks, Tim Solomon and Adam Marinelli for coming out to shoot.  I have a ton of this stuff in the pipeline I'll be posting the next few days.  Hope you enjoy.

The WOES "The Secret" Brooklyn Bowl from BoB Coon on Vimeo.



Turtle Folk - "Let It Go" - Smith's Olde Bar 

Finally got around to releasing this edit of "Let It Go" from Turtle Folk's show March 27th at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta.  On a side note, Turtle and Joe and some of the guys in Savanah will be sitting in with Stuckey and Murray and The Defibulators when they swing through on their Bama Jam tour, the first of June.  The tour is just starting to come together, so more on that later.  For now....

Turtle Folk - "Let It Go" Smith's Olde Bar from BoB Coon on Vimeo.



Ebony Hillbillies Times Square NYC

Here is the video K. Slingluff and BoB shot of the Ebony Hillbillies in the Times Square Subway Station a couple of weeks back.  Sorry for the delay getting this one up.  We've been expecting an interuption with the site, but I've given up on it and will post away.  So here goes.  Thanks to Norris and the boys for letting us shoot.

Ebony Hillbillies NYC from BoB Coon on Vimeo.




Brooklyn Bowl Sat April 10th

Shooting The Woes and The Defibulators tonight at Brooklyn Bowl.  Anyone sitting on their bum in NYC right now needs to get up and bring it.  I'll have Pictures and Video up in a day or two.




Hill Country Film Festival, here we come!

Skiptracers has been added, as 1 of 5 narritive features, to this years Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg Texas.  We're screening on Friday afternoon, April 23rd, at 3pm.  From what I've seen from the lineup, we're very lucky to be included.  Below is a highlight reel from this years selections.  Unfortunately Andy and I will be unable to attend, as we're in Maine for Timbobbareno's wedding to Mollie Maguire... but please don't let this detour any of you in the area from attending.



Wanted to give everyone a heads up.... Skiptracers will be playing at Bama Jam 2010, June 3rd-5th along with The Defibulators and Stuckey & Murray.  Stay tuned for details, but it looks like campers will get an eye full at special screenings of the movie as well as music from by the bands responsible for the soundtrack for the run of the festival.  For those of you down south that can't make it to Enterprise, a tour is in the works for dates surrounding Bama Jam.  Check back for confirmed dates and venues, and see you soon!


Turtle Folk - U-Melt  Atlanta

Working on some photos and videos from last night.  I have to admit its been awhile since I've seen Turtle Folk, and man, have I been missing out.  At least I have an excuse with them hailing from way down in Savanah.  U-Melt is right here in NYC, so I'm not real sure what the problem was there.  Either way, great night of music all around.  Thanks for Zach and Krystal for letting me crash on their broken futon and especially Sammy for stealing my only copy of Lynyrd Skynrd's '74 board mix of that random European Biscuit Show.  More to come...           Photos are up Here.


Winter Olympics Recap

I had the pleasure of spending February in Vancouver working for NBC at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  We set up shop outside the Pacific Coliseum and handled the features for Figure Skating, Ice Dancing, and Short Track Speed Skating. I shot this video during our time there to give you an idea of some of the behind the scenes goings-on.

2010 Winter Olympics Recap - Avid / Pow! Pix from BoB Coon on Vimeo.


Ebony Hillbillies

New photos are up from Katherine Slingluff and BoB Coon's March 18th photo shoot of the Ebony Hillbillies.  Norris and the boys were playing a rush hour set this morning at the Times Square subway station in New York City.  Photo selections are up and video is being edited over the next few days.  The full set can be found Here. Check out more from the guys at Ebony Hillbillies.


Langhorne Slim- Be Set Free Video

Here's a video for Langhorne Slim's song Be Set Free. He recorded a version of this song for Skiptracers and it's on the soundtrack as well as his album that is also titled Be Set Free. Go see him live. He's on tour now with Alabama's own The Drvie By Truckers.

Langhorne Slim - "Be Set Free" from Mog Dotcom on Vimeo.

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