As I mentioned in the last post, last week we were in Nashville getting the final shots for a concept video we're working on for Jacob Jones, and while there, we took time out to do a series of one-off's with Rayland Baxter. We met at Groove Records and the offices of Electric Western Records and set up shop on the front porch for this rendition of his original tune "Olivia". Ever the showman, Rayland brought along some friends, introduced to us as the "Kingston Springs Boys Choir". In fact, James Guidry, Ian Ferguson, Matt DeMaio, Alex Geddes make up Nashville rockers, The Kingston Springs. Boys Choir or not, they certainly added another dimension to Rayland's track. After doing some homework on the guys, I'm still left wondering where the hell those harmonies are coming from.

Rayland Baxter "Olivia" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.